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I Support My Avy Center T-Shirt Fundraiser by Spark R&D

~ Get a sweet t-shirt and Spark R&D will make a donation to your local avalanche center ~

Avalanche Centers play a crucial role in our mountain communities. They are out in the mountains every day collecting information to produce the forecasts, they are organizing user observations, and they are running clinics & courses to educate new and veteran backcountry travelers.

Avalanche centers are run as non-profit organizations and rely heavily on the help of the backcountry communities in which they serve. When you purchase an 'I Support My Avy Center' t-shirt, Spark R&D will donate $20 to the avalanche center of your choosing! 

Go to to purchase a shirt. Choose the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center as your favorite center, and Spark R&D will donate $20.