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Panther Meadows / Old Ski Bowl - Bunny Flat Gate Opening - August 12th

The gate at Bunny Flat will open August 12th. This will allow access to Panther Meadows walk-in campground, Panther Meadows proper, Gray Butte, the Old Ski Bowl and South Gate Meadows trailheads. A bountiful winter pushed the opening of the gate back further than normal this year. Snow drifts have just recently melted out in the campground and very sensitive wet meadow conditions are finally drying out enough to allow for foot traffic. Please stay on all established trails in the meadow and in the Mt Shasta Wilderness. Off trail hiking, picnicing, meditating, yoga, selfies, ceremonies, etc is prohibited. Panther Meadows has been literally loved to death. Help preserve the meadow for all visitors to enjoy for years to come!