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  • November 4, 2017 @ 7:53 am

    Advisory Hotline: (530) 926-9613

  • Winter is right around the corner! The Mount Shasta Avalanche Center will begin issuing daily Avalanche Advisories in December. As the snow begins to fly, it's time to start thinking about avalanche safety if you plan to head into the backcountry. The fall is a great time to dust off your avalanche rescue skills and make sure all of your equipment is tuned and ready for winter. Check out our Fall Statement for more information on early season avalanche concerns.

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November 19, 2017

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A winter climb of Mount Shasta is a serious undertaking. Deep snow, avalanche hazard, and extreme weather conditions are all common during the winter months. These, along with many other factors, make a winter climb very difficult and potentially dangerous. Only strong and experienced climbers with an ability to evaluate avalanche hazard should attempt a winter climb. Always carry avalanche rescue gear, along with a helmet, crampons, and an ice axe. Be prepared for high winds and cold temperatures, and always check the weather before you climb. 

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