General Route Description: 

Considered a variation of the Clear Creek route, the Wintun Ridge offers some interesting options.  From the ridge you can traverse out onto the Wintun Glacier and add challenges if desired.  Choosing to stay on the ridge you’ll keep to the snow if it’s frozen and the scree/gravel ridge if it's punchy.  The upper portion of the route traverses out onto the Wintun Glacier, but usually high above most glacier hazards.  If you stay on the ridge proper there will be some interesting loose basalt and ash scrambling.  Best to climb this route in the early to mid-season before all the snow cover is gone.  Along most of the lower portions of the route you can traverse onto the Clear Creek route.  Give it two days.

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Current Route Conditions

08-22-2017-Wintun Ridge

Conditions update by: Climbing Ranger Nick Meyers Shasta-Trinity National Forest

All the ridge routes on Mt Shasta are snow free at this time. This route presents lots of loose rock and scrambing through scree and boulders is required. Give us a call if you have specific questions. If you choose to climb this route, send us your report and pictures!