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East side photos

Climbing Route(s): Hotlum/Wintun Snowfield, Wintun Glacier, Clear Creek
Trailhead(s): Brewer Creek, Clear Creek
Mt. Shasta
Date/Time of Observation: 
Friday, May 4, 2018 - 4:00pm
Climbing Ranger

General Conditions on May 4, 2018


A couple of shots from the east side today, 5.4.18

Clear Creek, Brewer Creek and Northgate trailhead access is still compromised due to snow. These trailheads are CLOSED, however this does not mean you cannot access the Mount Shasta Wilderness. It does mean that you'll have to get your summit pass and wilderness permit from either the McCloud or Mt Shasta Ranger Stations. Packout bags are available in all restrooms.

For some reason, Hotlum/Wintun climbers/skiers are notorious for not getting their summit pass. Perhaps people think they won't see a ranger over there. Remember, it's pretty hard to sneak around on a treeless mountain...and just because we don't see you on route, doesn't mean we won't be waiting on top! Honesty is best. Lying is the worst. Running from the ranger is a guaranteed citation.


  • Brewer: 5.8 miles
  • Clear Creek: 1.9 miles 
  • Northgate: 1.5 miles

We havn't been up on these routes lately and we have not heard of anybody else heading up there either...yet. We know folks are chomping at the bit and waiting for the road to melt out a touch more. So, no conditions to report other than what you see in the pics! The climbing and skiing conditions on the south side have been primo. Keep the hairy side up and see you on the slopes!


  • Clear Creek and Hotlum/Wintun routes shown
  • Clear Creek route/East side photo