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Sand Flat

Trailhead Description: 

Sand Flat is an obscure trailhead at 6,830 feet that gets very little use. It's only access is off the Everitt Memeorial Highway, just before Bunny Flat. There is an "upper" and "lower" Sand Flat road and either can be used to get to the trailhead. The trailhead is closed and covered in snow for a good portion of the year and usually is opened in May or early June or whenever the snow melts. It accesses all the same routes as the Bunny Flat trailhead, just from a slightly different angle. It does not add or subtract any significant mileage or elevation from the start of your climb. It's a trailhead used more so by hikers later in the season looking for an alternative trail for hiking adventures on the south and west sides of the mountain. The trail joins the Horse Camp trail approximatlely 1/4 mile before the MS Wilderness boundary (Portion of trail not shown on map, but it's there!).

There are numerous dispersed camping spots in the Sand Flat area and gorgeous views of Casaval Ridge and the mountain in general. Huge Shasta Red Fir trees, bright green moss and a quiet, tranquil place is the norm. Please DO NOT create new dispersed sites or drive into Sand Flat proper. You will be issued a citation if caught for either of these activities. Fires are NOT allowed during fire restriction designation. Check with the Forest Service (530-926-4511) for current restrictions. 

Wilderness Permits, Summit Passes and Human Waste Pack-out bags are available at the trailhead when open. There are no other facilities in the area. The nearest bathroom is at Bunny Flat or Red Fir Flat.

Trailhead Location

Trailhead Location: