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Tri Forest Snowmobile Trails and Information

Welcome to the Tri-Forest Snowmobile Trails

There are many places on the National Forests where you can enjoy winter recreation. Identified on this map are the more popular and maintained routes. Skiers, snowshoers, and dog-sledders are invited to use the area as well as snowmobilers. These different forms of snow travel need not conflict with one another if everyone observes basic courtesy.

Shown on this map is a Tri-Forest snowmobile trail system linking four snowmobile parks to each other. All parks are within a days travel apart and the major trails linking the parks are groomed. There are approximately 260 miles of signed trails plus many other suitable riding areas offering excellent snow conditions and spectacular views. The access roads to the parks and paved parking areas are plowed.

  • Located on the Goosenest Ranger District, Klamath National Forest are Deer Mountain and Four Corners Snowmobile Parks. The facilities offered are warming huts, restrooms, loading ramps, picnic tables, fire grills and garbage service.
  • The Pilgrim Creek Snowpark is located on the McCloud Ranger District, Shasta-Trinity National Forest and offers a warming hut, restrooms, a loading ramp and garbage service.
  • The Doorknob Snowpark is located on the Doublehead Ranger District and offers a warming hut, picnic tables, a loading ramp and restrooms.

Grant dollars from the California State Off-Highway Vehicle Fund have financed the development of these snowmobile parks. Other State recreation funds provide for maintenance, snowmobile trail grooming, snow removal from parking area and access roads, and trail signs. Some of these funds come from the fees you pay to register your snowmobile. Proper registration is required on all snowmobiles.


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