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Seasonal Weather History for Mount Shasta

The tables below summarize the weather history for Mount Shasta during the dates indicated. Temperature and snow information is derived from the Old Ski Bowl weather station (7600 ft) data. Wind information is gathered from the Grey Butte weather station (8000 ft). Use the form to change the window of time of the tables.

Season Begin
Season End
Weather History Summary from Oct 1, 2018 to Oct 21, 2018
Temp Max (°F) 49
Temp Min (°F) 32
Temp Avg (°F) 41
Wind Max (mi/hr)
Wind Min (mi/hr)
Wind Avg (mi/hr) 0
Wind Gust Max (mi/hr)
Total Snowfall (in) 0
Total Accumulated Precipitation (Water Equivalent) (in) 1.45
Max Snowfall in 24 Hrs (in) 0
Snow Depth Max (in) 0
Snow Depth Min (in) 0
Snow Depth Avg (in) 0
Indicates Storm Cycle
Weather History by Day
Temp (°F) Wind (mi/hr) Snow (in)
Date Min Max Avg Min Max Avg Gust Dir Depth HS New HN24 Snow Water Equivalent HN24W Total Snowfall
2018 10/16 14:32324338000.560
2018 10/16 14:2932463900.20
2018 10/16 14:2739494500.290
2018 10/16 14:2541484400.120
2018 10/16 14:2339464200.110
2018 10/02 13:27354340000.170