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August 4, 2022

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The peak climbing season on Mount Shasta is behind us. Most of the snow has melted off of routes like Avalanche Gulch, Casaval Ridge, the West Face and Shastina, making them more dangerous and less pleasant to climb. The north and east side routes are holding up, and the majority of people seeking a summit are now using the Clear Creek route, which is almost entirely snow free. Please note that website updates will become less frequent as we move into late summer and fall. Once the winter snowpack melts out, conditions do not change much, particularly on the Clear Creek route.  None-the-less, continue to share your trip reports!

Please read all of the information below to learn about current conditions, how to climb Mount Shasta, wilderness and climbing regulations, and mountain safety tips. Climbers should understand rescue is neither automatic nor instant. Even rescues that seem straightforward involve planning, effort and risk.

If traveling above 10,000' you need to purchase a summit pass, even if you don't plan to summit. These are available for self-issue at all trailheads and the Mt. Shasta or McCloud ranger stations. Annual summit passes are available to purchase at The Fifth Season gear shop in Mt Shasta City during business hours.

Climber safety and mountain sanitation are two of our top management priorities. Please do your part to keep the mountain clean and pack out all waste. It is REQUIRED to pack out your human waste on Mt. Shasta.  Yep, if rangers catch you pooping without a wag bag, a citation can be issued. FREE wag bags are available at all open trailheads. Please help keep Bunny Flat clean. It is one of the busiest places on the Forest. Camping is allowed in the parking lot or just below in the dispersed camping area. It is primitive camping, no water/other services available, except bathrooms. The camping stay limit is 7 consecutive days, and no more than 30 days total in the calendar year. Pack out your trash.

The gate past Bunny Flat is OPEN to Panther Meadows and the Old Ski Bowl. All wilderness trailheads accessing Mount Shasta are also OPEN. Check our recent observations for photos and read the full report for current mountain conditions....

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