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Panther Meadows / Old Ski Bowl - Bunny Flat Gate Opening - August 12th

The gate at Bunny Flat will open August 12th. This will allow access to Panther Meadows walk-in campground, Panther Meadows proper, Gray Butte, the Old Ski Bowl and South Gate Meadows trailheads. A bountiful winter pushed the opening of the gate back further than normal this year. Snow drifts have just recently melted out in the campground and very sensitive wet meadow conditions are finally... read more

Dogs & the Mt Shasta Wilderness

Please remember that dogs are NOT allowed in the Mt Shasta Wilderness area or on Sierra Club Foundation property. It is your responsibility to know where the boundaries are. Check out the map at Bunny Flat. The Old Ski Bowl is a great place to take your dog. As always, pick up after your pet please. There are no leash restrictions unless your dog is observed being a nuisance. Thank you!