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Announcements and News:

Shasta Ascension Backcountry Race 2024 Results

The racers are down, (most) people are dried off, and the results are in! Congrats to everyone who finished, and to all those who tried! And a huge thanks to all our tireless volunteers. Thanks for bringing your scuba gear!

To view the complete results list, click THIS LINK.

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The 4th Annual MSAC Virtual Silent Auction is back! Not to worry, the Silent auction will be held online to ensure that everyone gets a chance to snag some sweet auction items. We will have the items in person at the Snow Ball. So, if you're around,... read more

Mount Shasta Wilderness trailheads CLOSED for season

Aside from Bunny Flat, all Mount Shasta Wilderness trailheads are CLOSED (winterized) for the 2023 season. You may still access these trailheads, but your paperwork (summit pass and wilderness permit) must be attained at either the Mt Shasta or McCloud ranger stations. Expect roads to become increasingly covered in snow, prolonging approaches. Don't get stuck on the mountain with your vehicle... read more

2023 Shasta Ascension Results

Shasta Ascension 2023 race results are available in the attached PDF. We are looking forward to another great race for the 23/24 season. For details about the 2024 race in January and to sign up, click HERE.

Motorized and Dog Use Retrictions Map for Mt. Shasta

Please remember that dogs are NOT allowed in the Mt Shasta Wilderness area or on Sierra Club Foundation property. It is your responsibility to know where the boundaries are. Citations will be issued on a zero tolerance policy. Check out the map below...for motorized use, "green is good".  For dogs, the MS Wilderness and Sierra Club property are off limits. Don't forget, anywhere else on... read more