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Cascade Gulch

This route offers access to ascend both Mt. Shasta proper and Shastina.

The route follows the obvious gulch leading from the upper left of Hidden Valley rising to the saddle that splits Shasta from Shastina.  The time of year and snow pack will determine the best line up through Cascade Gulch to the Shasta/Shastina saddle.  A bivouac here can be an ambitious proposition when the reality of winds and fatigue are considered.  A bivy below the saddle is a better option.

If Shastina is your objective a left turn at the pass and a short climb lead to the summit cone that tops out at 12,330 feet.  If the Mt. Shasta summit is your goal you have some options from here at the Shasta/Shastina saddle.  One can either traverse onto the Whitney Glacier (a rope and glacier travel experience is recommended), climb/scramble the ridge line above the glaciers, or traverse onto the West Face.

Seasonal variations and your experience level will determine which route is best for your party.  You could easily burn up three days enjoying this part of the mountain.

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Route Map

Route Photographs

  • Mount Shasta - Cascade Gulch - Aerial View of Route
  • Mount Shasta - Cascade Gulch - View from saddle looking  back down
  • Mount Shasta - Cascade Gulch - Winter Photo - Photo by Tim Corcoran
  • Mount Shasta - Cascade Gulch - Upper section across Whitney Glacier