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Bolam/Whitney Ridge

Here is your chance to do what few have done!  It is an odd variation that comes into good climbing condition quickly, and out of condition just as fast.  Perhaps the best reason to ascend this route is to check out the conditions for a ski/board descent on this side of the mountain.  Due to its western exposure and wind scoured surface it does not hold snow well.  The good news is that you can almost always count on a consolidated surface.

It’s not a particularly tough climb or route finding challenge, but is steep enough to take seriously, especially if the scree is not glued tight with snow and ice.  From the base of the Bolam Glacier climb/traverse to the ramp on climber’s left of the Whitney Glacier.  Choose a line that looks best and give’er a shot.  Climbers should budget two full days for this route.

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Route Photographs

  • Bolam / Whitney Ridge - Photo by Tim Corcoran
  • Bolam / Whitney Ridge - Photo by Tim Corcoran