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Bunny Flat

Trailhead Description: 

11.2.22 - The gate accessing areas past Bunny Flat is closed, but the Bunny Flat trailhead and Everitt Memorial Highway is open year-round.

This trailhead lies at 6,950 on the south side of Mt. Shasta and is accessed from Mt Shasta City. It is a multi-use trailhead and by far the busiest. That said, folks tend to spread out well and once out of the immediate area, peace and quiet can usually be found. Self issue Wilderness Permits, Summits Passes, Pack-out bags and bathrooms are available here. There is no water available. The nearest water is the Horse Camp spring, Panther Meadows spring or back to town. Remember to check on the availability of water on the mountain as early to mid spring conditions can have the springs still covered in snow.

This trailhead accesses all routes for climbers and hikers on the south and west sides of the mountain. It is also the launching point for snowmobilers heading up into the Old Ski Bowl area. It is ALSO the point for any and all spiritual seekers, motor tourists and any other folks making a quick jaunt or weekend off the I-5 to check out the mountain. This road is plowed to Bunny Flat year round and thus is the standard access point for all winter recreation too. The sky is the limit for activities from here. Day hikes to Horse Camp, Hidden Valley and Lake Helen...climbs up a multitude of world class routes, epic winter powder and amazing spring skiing to your car door, sight seeing, meditating... you name it. Treat the area and other types of users with respect. Pick up trash, not just yours. 

There are many dispersed camping sites along the Everitt Memorial Highway as well as at Bunny Flat proper. Please disperse camp on the downhill side of the road and NOT above the road in Bunny Flat proper. There are many great sites below the road with existing fire rings and places to park. You may camp in the parking lot, but be reasonable about it. Camp in your van, RV or vehicle but don't set up a giant base camp in the parking lot. Bunny Flat can be a fun, happening place, often the scene of apres ski socials on sunny, spring days. Drive slow, be patient, be kind. You're in the mountains... take a deep breath and leave the fast pace of life on the freeway.

Trailhead Location

Trailhead Location: