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Mt Shasta Wilderness trailhead access update

Climbing Route(s): Whitney Glacier, Bolam/Whitney Ridge, Bolam Glacier, Hotlum/Bolam Ridge, Hotlum Glacier, Hotlum/Wintun Snowfield, Wintun Glacier, Wintun Ridge, Clear Creek
Trailhead(s): Brewer Creek, Clear Creek, Northgate, Ski Bowl
Mt. Shasta
Date/Time of Observation: 
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 4:30pm
Climbing Ranger

General Conditions

Trailhead Access: Except Bunny Flat, all summit passes, wilderness permits and human waste packout bags must be attained at the McCloud or Mt. Shasta Ranger Stations (self-issue) or at The Fifth Season in Mt. Shasta.

Northgate: 4.1 miles of snow covered roads to the trailhead. One can drive 3.9 miles up Military Pass road as of 3.24.21.  Last .5 miles is 4x4 with clearance only.  Snow level is ~5,000 feet. Temps were in the high 40's to low 50's °F. On the mountain, gullies are filled in some, but all morainal convexities are scoured to rock. Large patches of hard, glacial ice exist on upper portions of the Whitney, Bolam and Hotlum glaciers. Self-arrest on steep slopes with the given conditions is near impossible. Today hosted northerly flow and a lenticular cloud on the upper mountain, signifying high wind. The cloud deck lingered near 10-11,000 feet on the northside. All routes on this side of the mountain are not to be taken lightly. Consequences of a slip and fall could be serious.

Brewer Creek: Snow still exists at Pilgrim Creek Sno-park. The road has been plowed an unknown distance past the sno-park due to logging. Access to the trailhead is a long ways out for now.

Clear Creek: Snow still exists on the Clear Creek road down at Pilgrim Creek road intersection. This leaves 8 miles of snow covered dirt roads to the trailhead.

Bunny Flat: Open year round. Self-issue summit passes ($25 for 3 days), wilderness permits and human waste packout bags are available at the trailhead.

Sand Flat/Old Ski Bowl: Closed


  • North side
  • North side
  • Looking uphill, 3.9 miles up Military pass, turned around here. Soft snow, poor traction even for 4x4
  • Looking downhill, 3.9 miles up Military pass, turned around here. Soft snow, poor traction even for 4x4
  • Intersection of Clear Creek road and Pilgrim Creek road on 3.25.21
  • South side from Bunny Flat, trailhead plowed year round and open. 3.25.21
  • Bunny Flat trailhead looking downhill, 3.25.21