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Summit via Brewer Creek

Climbing Route(s): Hotlum/Wintun Snowfield
Trailhead(s): Brewer Creek
Mt. Shasta
Date/Time of Observation: 
Sunday, May 16, 2021 - 1:45pm

General Conditions

It was possible to drive to 1.5 miles of the trailhead. All vehicles there were 4x4 with significant clearance though it would probably work with a normal car. Snow coverage was patchy but we put skis on at 7500 ft and managed to only take them off a couple of times after that. There does not seem to be sufficient snow at any point to cross over from the snowfield to Wintun so a bit of scrambling is required. Coverage is marginal in the final steep section to the summit with a choke that is roughly 2-3 ski lengths wide that is likely to melt out soon. It is also possible to skip the final steep section and go around the back to join the clear creek trail but the snow is not continuous at the top of the glacier close to the ridge.