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Know Before You Go - virtual Avalanche Awareness presentation

Date and Times

Saturday, February 5, 2022 - 7:00pm




Your Living Room (via Zoom link)

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Join your friends from the Avalanche Center for a free, virtual night of learning, avalanche education, and backcountry stoke.

Know Before You Go is a free avalanche awareness program. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains, no formulas to memorize. In 1 hour, you will see the destructive power of avalanches, understand when and why they happen, and how you can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches. Know Before You Go into the backcountry this winter. Learn how to recognize the clues to avalanche danger along with basics on safe travel in the backcountry. A short film with amazing footage from Sherpa Cinemas, Red Bull Media House, Brain Farm, and the Utah Avalanche Center will be shown followed by a short presentation discussing the salient points of the film. This is a fun way to connect with the outdoor community, inspire you to get outside in the winter, while providing valuable information to keep you safe in and near avalanche terrain.