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Ash Creek Butte, Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park

Location Name: 
Ash Creek Butte
East of Mt Shasta
Date and time of observation: 
Tue, 03/06/2018 - 9:00am
Observation made by: 
Professional Observer

Location Map

96067 Mount Shasta , CA
United States
41° 27' 2.8836" N, 122° 1' 49.6092" W
California US

Snowpack Observations


Snowpack Observations @ Ash Creek Butte:

  • Roller balls on sun-facing aspects (S, SE).
  • Moist snow surfaces on sun exposed aspects (S, SE).
  • Dry, settled snow in shady areas and northerly aspects.
  • Similar snowpack structure to other areas of the forecast advisory.
  • Small cornices on northerly aspects. Moderate to hard fractures with ski stomps.
  • No obvious signs of instability.
  • No signs of wind slab problem.
  • Ski / Boot Penetration (PS / PB): 35 / 40 cm (14 / 16 in).
  • Test snow pit profile on N aspect, 30 degree slope:
    • Height of storm snow (HST): 100 cm (39 in), F - 4F - 1F hardness.
    • CT21 ↓ 100 cm (39 in), Sudden Collapse (SC) - failed on melt/freeze crust atop 7 cm (3 in) of rounded facets.
    • ECTX / ECTP30 ↓ 100cm (39 in) - failed on melt/freeze crust atop 7 cm of rounded facets.

Pilgrim Creek:

  • Pilgrim Creek Snowmobile Park open.
  • Trails are groomed.


Weather Observations


Cloud Cover: 
25% of the sky covered by clouds
Blowing Snow: 
Accumulation rate: 
Air temperature: 
Above Freezing
Air temperature trend: 
Wind Speed: