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Avalanche Gulch

Location Name: 
Avalanche Gulch
Mt. Shasta
Date and time of observation: 
Fri, 02/17/2023 - 1:00pm
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Location Map

96067 Mount Shasta , CA
United States
41° 22' 40.7208" N, 122° 12' 57.1284" W
California US

Snowpack Observations


Observations from Avalanche Gulch up to 9,000 feet.

  • Below treeline, soft snow can still be found in shaded and wind sheltered areas. Exposed areas have a sun crust at the surface. Winds remained calm, temps rose above freezing, and the snow surface became saturated later in the day.
  • Near treeline, snow surface conditions began to turn variable, with large patches of ice and soft snow. 
  • Above treeline, wind effect is more prominent on the surface. Large areas of hollow wind slab followed by scoured ice pellet snow can be found on all aspects. Soft, wind blown snow has settled in gully features, providing the best option for pleasant skiing. Temps above treeline stayed just below freezing, with light winds out of the southeast. 

Overall, climbing conditions were decent, with the firm surface providing good purchase. No signs of avalanche activity were observed.

  • Observation Location: Avalanche Gulch
  • Elevation: 9,000 feet
  • Date: 20230217
  • Time: 1300
  • Observer: S. Clairmont
  • Sky Conditions: Clear (CLR)
  • Current Precipitation: Type - NO
  • Air Temperature: 30 °F
  • Total Snow Depth (HS): 124 in (315 cm)
  • 24-hour New Snow Depth (HN24): 0 in (0 cm)
  • Wind Direction: SE
  • Wind Speed: Light (L), 1-16 mi/hr, twigs in motion


  • Avalanche Gulch
  • Horse Camp
  • Surface conditions
  • Icy surface
  • Wind texture
  • Variable conditions
  • Textured surface

Weather Observations


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Blowing Snow: 
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Above Freezing
Air temperature trend: 
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