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Snow Survey - West Side/Eddies

Location Name: 
Deadfall/North Fork/Grey Rocks
Mt Eddy
Date and time of observation: 
Fri, 04/03/2020 - 1:30pm
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Location Map

Snowpack Observations


April 2/3, 2020 - West Side of I-5, Eddy Mountains - April Snow Survey

Trinity Drainage - Deadfall Lakes

Sacramento Drainage - Grey Rocks & North Fork

Each winter season, the US Forest Service conducts all snow survey actions on the district. Crews from USFS Fire and the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center assemble and travel to many locations in the area to collect important snow and water information. This data is provided to the California Department of Water Resources. Initial results from the courses listed above are as follows (a full report will be posted once all data is received):

  • Deadfall Lakes
    • Avg Height of Snow: 45 inches (114 cm) / SWE: 18 inches (45 centimeters) 
  • North Fork
    • Avg Height of Snow: 26 inches (66 cm) / SWE: 10 inches (25 centimeters)
  • Grey Rocks
    • Avg Height of Snow: 57 inches (144 cm) / SWE: 21.5 inches (54 cm)

What the heck is SWE? Snow water equivalent is a common snowpack measurement. It is the amount of water contained within the snowpack. It can be thought of as the depth of water that would theoretically result if you melted the entire snowpack instantaneously. Read more here

Overall, our snowpack is well below normal. For Mount Shasta City, we are 42% of normal for the wet season beginning Oct 1, 2019. Currently, lakes are still frozen but tree wells are exposed and small streams are running. Below ~6,500 feet, plenty of bare ground is showing. At treeline on Mount Shasta, we have 80 inches (2 meters) of snow, the most in the area. 


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