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Avalanche I Courses

College of the Siskiyous - Avalanche Level I

Dates: Mar 1, 2019;

Price: $23

Avalanche Level I taught to the American Avalanche Association standards. You will find this course in the school catalog under FIRE 9125. Matt Hill and Dennis Campbell are the instructors.

Price of course is determined by school registration fees and costs / credit hour.

Level I Avalanche - 3344 - FIRE 9125 - 01

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Shasta Mountain Guides - AIARE Level I Avalanche Seminar

Dates: Feb 8, 2019;

Price: $395

The Level I is a 3 day AIARE certified course. We will hold both class and field sessions to provide ample opportunity to learn the fundamentals of traveling in avalanche terrain. Certificate received upon completion.

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A3 Avalanche I Course

Dates: Dec 28, 2018; Jan 5, 2019; Jan 19, 2019; Feb 16, 2019; Mar 8, 2019;

Price: $425

Develop the basic foundation for understanding avalanche hazards and developing safe travel practices in avalanche terrain. 

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